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Chicago Fish and Coral

Chicago Fish and Coral

Lobster Tank Installation and Maintenance

Chicago fish and coral offers lobster tank service, repair, and installation. We currently have service technicians experienced in installation of lobster tanks and trained in the area of lobster preservation.

We offer maintenance programs for anything from very large lobster holding systems in excess of 400 gallons, to the smaller retail lobster aquariums as small as 50 gallons.

Pond Services and Supplies

Seasonal cleanings are a very important aspect of owning a pond. The most important cleanings are the spring cleaning and the fall cleaning.

Pond Cleaning can be a labor intensive and dirty process, which includes:

  • Removing fish and safely keeping them for the duration of the cleaning.
  • Carefully removing and hydrating the plants.
  • Draining all the water.
  • Removing excess organic debris, knows as sludge, muck, and slime.
  • Cleaning filter media.
  • Replacing and dechlorinating the water.
  • Acclimating the fish and plants to the new water conditions.

We are happy to provide this service to those unsure of the proper methods, or veteran pond owners that wish to have this service done for them.

We also offer contracted service on either weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis where we perform water changes and top off the pond, clean necessary filter equipment, prune and fertilize plants, pull up stringy algae, sticks, leaves, and treat the pond with beneficial bacteria and enzymes to keep it crystal clear.

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